Investment management for investments in existing stock and private equity

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When we provide consultancy services around investing,

the first thing we do is develop an individual investment strategy based on customer-specific requirements. As we benefit from long-standing experience in the market, we can guarantee your plan will be put into practice safely and discreetly.

A host of contacts in the market and among investors enable us to secure attractive off-market investment opportunities.

Safe decisions at any stage of investing

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From the earliest stages of a purchase, relevant influencing factors are analysed

and evaluated holistically. Combined insights obtained in this process form a reliable yardstick for our clients to take decisions, as they are well informed about opportunities and risks in terms of quantity and quality alike.

Asset management for investments in existing stock and private equity

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The key to success:

Professional, bespoke asset management with a strong connection to the rental and investment markets and close networking with relevant stakeholders are among the be-alls and end-alls of successfully investing in real estate and/or private equity.

DERECO’s approach for real estate asset management implies customised, holistic investment management. Here, we act as a fiduciary representing the interests of our investors. In this capacity, we are in charge of planning, steering and controlling each investment and all service providers involved, whereby we never lose our focus on value creation.

Enhanced leverage by thinking outside the box

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Managed opportunities and risks:

We continuously analyse opportunities and risks associated with the properties and private equity investments we manage. As a result, we develop appropriate strategies. Our services persistently focus on safeguarding and optimising the economic performance of assets during the investing stage.

Experience, success and discretion are in our DNA

As an independent multi-family office for real estate assets,

we have been a platform for all property-related investment activities of single-family offices since 1993. Focussing on the German market for real estate investments, we have been performing all associated tasks, starting from acquisition up to ongoing asset management and exiting.

Our activities hinge on serving the interests and meeting the needs of our private investors. We serve them with utmost discretion.

Clear-cut, transparent management processes

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We offer investment and asset management services

geared to the specific needs of single-family offices. Our tailor-made solutions for investments in existing stock and for private equity investments in real estate are based on clear-cut, transparent operating processes.

Fact-based assurance

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When it comes to implementing complex transactions,

we monitor and manage the due diligence process and negotiate contracts in finest detail up until the deal is successfully completed. It is not without pride that we look back on a comprehensive track record totalling over two billion euros in realised transactions.

Bespoke reporting features offered by DERECO

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Clear-cut, transparent processes

ensure information flows in an effectively organised manner. As we abide by strict safety and management policies, our clients are continually given up-to-date reports on their respective investments.