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September 2015 I Strategic cooperation plans by REVITALIS and DERECO

REVITALIS REAL ESTATE AG, a company based in Hamburg and specialised in developing
top-of-the-market large-scale housing projects and hotel properties, has agreed with the
Cologne-based DERECO multi-family office on strategic cooperation in the sphere of project
development. According to these plans, REVITALIS will be in charge of operations whereas
DERECO’s role is to cover the capital part.

In acquiring a share in two hotel projects conducted by REVITALIS in Freiburg, Germany, the
DERECO multi-family office made its first joint venture investment earlier this year. Under the
new strategic cooperation scheme, the two partners will jointly realise the majority of pending
projects in the pipeline for the next five years currently worth approx. EUR 400m. The focus will
be on developing large quarters in central locations and on subsequently realising housing