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December 2012 I DERECO Now, we also finance projects!

Immobilienzeitung, by Bernhard Bomke
Dereco, the provider of consultancy services and fund initiator, plans to expand. Next year, the company,
which has hitherto operated out of Cologne, plans to open a branch office in Berlin and another one in
Munich. The head of Dereco, Tassu M. Degen, also plans to further diversify its range of services.
In the future, the Cologne-based company will also invest in project developments on behalf of a
handful of family trusts from Germany and the Netherlands.

‘In the future, I envision each of our three branch offices handling transactions worth between 70
and 100 million euros every year,’ says Degen. Therefore more investors and more properties shall
be found. Degen wants to increase volumes without falling prey to the accusation of only being
interested in quantity rather than quality. In so doing, he will continue to concentrate on office,
commercial and residential use types. Now, as before, Degen intends to shore up the targeted